Monday, 15 February 2016

Harwell Rally

Pleased to attend the Harwell Rally (near Didcot) on 14th February. DRRG took a table for the event and managed to sell off some surplus gear kindly donated by members of the Drowned Rats team. Team members present for some or all of the day included: David (G8LZE), David (G0CAG), Gordon (G3WJG), Chris (G4CLB) and myself M0ICR.

So ... we sold some surplus and junk for club profits (including an old CR100 and Air Ministry Key donated by Don G0ACK) and I also managed to come away with a few bits a pieces - including a Tohyo HL37V 2m amplifier (which is small and lightweight giving 35W out on 2m for 5W in - it will be perfect for use when backpacking with the FT817 if I need a bit more power to make 'the numbers' on SOTA), another (yes glutten for punishment) MM 28 to 432MHz transverter (it was super cheap and looks  in good condition - I will publish a report in due course).

Other purchases includes some bits and pieces for Microwaves: Some high quality (Rosenberger and Radiall) semi-hard SMA to SMA patch lead and a 500-2500MHz bias T.

It was good to meet a number of people from other group including G8NVI (Anne), G8CUL (Mike), G0GJV (Mike), G5BBL (Jan).

The image below is David G8LZE at our Rats table:

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