Thursday, 11 February 2016

9 Feb 2016 - 70cm UKAC

70cm UKAC 9 Feb 2016 Better than expected considering I thought I would miss tonight. 10W FT991 19 Ele Tonna. 5 countries, 51 QSO, 25 mults, just under 130,000 pts. ODX GI4SNA also pleased to work GI6ATZ. Disappointing not to hear G3WCB/P at all despite spending a good deal of time pointing that way in a failed attempt to bag IO80 and IO70 (BCG). F8BRK very strong with aircaft reflection.

Compare to last months score which was 2 countries, 14 mults and score 27,000 I am sure much of this improvement, and 70cm AFS at the weekend, was down to Anthony G7LRQ's help rebuilding the 19 Ele Tonna by replacing the driven element and making a new mast bracket to ensure the booms stays straight! I think this score is about the best I can hope to achieve with 10W from the home QTH in flat conditions. Wish I had more time on a weekday to get out /P

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