Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Comparing my first 2 UKAC attempts on 23cm

The first map represent my effort in December from the home QTH. The equipment was identical in each: FT817 driving an SG-Labs transverter in a 25 Ele Yagi, power output on 23cm

December 2015 - 9 QSO, 2 UK locator squares
From IO91SO, antenna 100m ASL and 4m AGL, trasverter 20m from antenna feedpoint

January 2016 - 29 QSO, 7 UK Locators

From IO91OQ, antenna 235m ASL and 5m ASL, transverter 1m from antenna feedoint
(thanks to G4CLB for joining me and helping with station engineering and operating:

This is a summary image where I show the extent of QSO in January in a transparent
red rectangle and the extended range on February around the edge:

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