Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Interesting courses

I have recently bought a couple of online courses from a company called Udemy - one on the Arduino and the other on the Raspberry Pi. I know we are a technical bunch so thought this posting might be useful to some of you? The quality of the courses is pretty good and you can follow them at your own pace. I think the price does vary quite a bit but they are particularly cheap on sale at the moment (I paid £9 for each course - less than the cost of one low price technical book). You can review the courses before you decide and they offer a money back guarantee if you are unhappy.
What has impressed me is that the guy who runs the two courses I have signed up to is very active - he has a Facebook site and answers emails or chat with any questions very promptly. New modules are also added frequently.
The full catalogue is here:
(Mostly a mix of IT, electronics and mircocontrollers)

6m UKAC 26th Jan 2016

Not a bad effort considering the really rotten weather conditions. The antenna was fairly low to the deck (just a wire moxon) but I did crank up the power a bit to have a go in the AR section. Nice to work SNA again but no GMs and no GD. Great to work 10 Rats including G3WCB/P out there in Totnes in IO80 - good on you for braving the high winds and torrential rain Dave!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Comparing my first 2 UKAC attempts on 23cm

The first map represent my effort in December from the home QTH. The equipment was identical in each: FT817 driving an SG-Labs transverter in a 25 Ele Yagi, power output on 23cm

December 2015 - 9 QSO, 2 UK locator squares
From IO91SO, antenna 100m ASL and 4m AGL, trasverter 20m from antenna feedpoint

January 2016 - 29 QSO, 7 UK Locators

From IO91OQ, antenna 235m ASL and 5m ASL, transverter 1m from antenna feedoint
(thanks to G4CLB for joining me and helping with station engineering and operating:

This is a summary image where I show the extent of QSO in January in a transparent
red rectangle and the extended range on February around the edge:

Sunday, 17 January 2016

70cm UKAC Jan 2016

Despite working GI4SNA in IO64 and GD8EXI in IO74 this was a really poor night. 70cm is just very difficult from home due to the number of tall trees in very close proximity particularly when they are soaked in rain water in the winter. Also not convinced by the antenna mounting arrangement (it has droop!) and grateful to G7LRQ for the opportunity to fix that a few days afterwards. Fingers crossed that radio gods will be kinder for the next 70cm UKAC.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Some Useful Links

  1. Various useful links gathered from friends on Facebook. The one from Anthony G7LRQ is great for identifying terrain and altitude, centered on London at the moment but can be moved anywhere.
  2. Heywhatsthat. Terrain mapping and panoramas.