Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My first 23cm UKAC - December 2015

I had fun on 1296 MHz this evening. My first UKAC on 23cm and using just 2W. Sadly I didn't have time to mount the SG-Labs transverter at the mast head so the PEP was almost certainly in the order of mW rather than W at the antenna end of 20m of coax. Moreover, the garden is surrounded by trees and they are drenched in rainwater at the moment.
So, all that taken into account I was very pleased with my 9 QSOs and 2 squares (IO91 and IO92), with the ODX being over 100Km (G4CLA).Remarkably I heard GD8EXI in the Isle of Man and M0MDY near Sheffield - neither workable but they were definitely there.
Using ON4KST to schedule QSOs has been interesting - its going to be interesting to see how that plays out on the other bands subject to the rules changes. I have found using the 'KST2me' software makes things a bit easier, particularly once I got my head around how to do the filtering for UK calls only, and additional alerts for specific calls I was looking for.
All-in-all in bodes well for 2016. I will get the transverter at the mast head for January 2016 23cm UKAC, and by then may also have a little 10W amplifier smile emoticon
QSO Map and screenshot of KST2me is below.

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