Monday, 21 December 2015

Bouncing signals off aircraft - Air Scatter

Here's a screenshot showing me running WSJT and AirScout in order to decode the beacon signal transmitted in JT65B - this time GB3NGI on the Slieve Anorra Mountain Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland. I have fixed the elevation data now (green profile at the bottom window - which is interesting in itself). In this image you can see an Air Canada Airbus flying over the south of the Isle of Man, inbound to Frankfurt from Toronto and providing the means for Aircraft Scatter. Great fun.
Next I have been trying my luck decoding the ON0VHF beacon (CW) near Brussels. I managed to copy the callsign briefly, with a great deal of flutter. Remarkable given that I am the wrong side of a big and local hill that basically sits beetween me and Europe!

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