Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Cumulatives - 26th December 2015

Christmas Cumulative 2015. 1st session over and that was hard work. Focused on on just one band - 2m, with 9 Ele Tonna. Antenna not at full height, just 4m up due to moderate wind. Activity levels were low and struggled to work out of IO91 in the first 40m - I guess everyone was on other bands. Things improved towards the end and I netted GM, GW, GD, and GI4. SNA was worked in the last 60 seconds having chased his S&P signal around the band most of the afternoon. Map is below - no IO81, 82 or 93 heard let alone worked - I suspect the poor weather is taking its toll. Hope to work some Rats tomorrow - again just 2m for me although will have 4m up for pre UKAC testing. 73 Carl

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