Sunday, 13 December 2015

At last QRV on 23cm

The new transverter from SG-Labs has been sat here a few weeks but I have just not had the chance to do anything with it. With the 23cm UK Activity Contest looming this Tuesday I was determined to do get onto 23cm and get even just a few points for the team (Drowned Rats Contest Group). With the help of a 35 Ele from Dave M0SAT and a bit of mast clamp fabrication from Anthony G7LRQ I was pleased to be up and running this afternoon. My first two QSO were thus with Anthony and Dave ... S9 reports all around. I had some reports of audio clipping when using the FT817 to provide the 2m IF, with an improvement heard when I switched to the FT991.  I have not had much of a chance to listen for beacons - to be honest i am not expecting much but I can hear Dunstable at a steady S4-5.

There's a bit more engineering to do now to move the transverter up to the mast head, and then in due course to add a small amplifier in order that I can run 'full QRP' at 10W in the UKAC contests.

In the meantime I am looking forward to gaining at least a couple of QSO in the log this Tuesday .... let's see how I do :)

Next I am looking at this preamp:

And this power amplifier (1W in 25W out):

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