Saturday, 28 November 2015

Building the new Bitx for 40m

This is the two main PCB's of the latest Bitx transceiver I am building. It is based on the original Bitx idea by Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE. This particular version is the Bitx 3C by my friend Sunil Lakhani in Lucknow, India. The 3C features SBL1 mixers, a marked improvement on the diode double balanced mixers I was using previously. This version is currently using a DDS VFO based on an AD9850, I will replace this with an Arduino controlled Si5351A over the next few week. The Si5351A VFO is from the Kanga UK kit, as designed by Paul Darlington, M0XPD .. Paul's excellent blog 'Shack Nasties' is here.

For posterity, here is the first Bitx I built, an 80m version ... much modified and marketed by Steve Drury G6ALU, as the MKARS 80.  Here the MKARS80 is shown mounted in my 3rd hand!

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