Monday, 18 December 2017

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

2m UKAC 3rd October 2017. 7 Countries, 66 QSO, 18 Mults

Sunday, 1 October 2017

I have been having fun with the JA2NKD Arduino, AD9850 and 2.2" TFT VFO - destined for use with once of my Bitx40s. I also notice that using a similar circuit Matsuura Ryuu has made available the code for his RF Analyzer incorporating a signal generator, power meter, frequency response visualizer and HF antenna analyzer - this looks very interesting. My initial testing with both sketches and my breadboard prototyping looks very promising (see below). I also noticed that another Japanese amateur, Akio Mizuno JA2GQP, is offering a similar VFO circuit but this time replacing he AD9850 with and si5351a (using one of the spare clocks this si5351 variant also includes a BFO - very nice and similar to something I have seen Paul Darlington M0XPD do with the Si5351a (details on his blog and also see here for the production version:

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Having lots of fun with the QCX transceiver

QRP Labs transceiver on 40m, the map below shows a 24 hour WSPR plot at 2W into a OCFD. I was particularly pleased to be spotted in Brazil, Costa Rica and Australia.

2017 Practical Wireless 4m Contest

Map and log summary from TucNak
FT817 driving a Microwave Modules Transverter, Moxon at 6m AGL 100m ASL
The QSO in IO73 looks suspect but I am sure the  locator is correct. I am not sure it has been mapped correctly by TunNak - I will need to look into that.